brandon coley cox

Brandon Coley Cox is an emerging artist based in Baltimore, MD. He earned his MFA from Yale University in 2015. After being Grant Wood Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa, he taught advanced painting courses to undergraduate and graduate students at Pratt Institute and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Cox has also been awarded other residencies in the past at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in Times Square and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Cox has work in several permanent collections including The International Print Museum in Southern California and the Museum of Paper and Watermark in Fabriano, Italy.

His current studio practice involves the expansion and conflation of painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics. He creates paper from found urban materials and fuses it into plaster which is various shades of black and embedded with specifically chosen objects. Hammered pieces of metal, meteorites, powdered tires, shredded steel bits, natural crystals, etched copper plates, and royal purple velvet fabrics all combine within one piece to create an unexpected yet intriguing experience that directly relates to being able to perceive a kind of blackness that is not so easily definable.